Thursday, April 01, 2010

Even If This Ain't An April's Fool Joke...

... which they claim it not to be, it's still a fucking joke, because I'll believe it when I see it, man. Via IESB:

"The same sources that spilled the beans to IESB about Spider-Man 4 being put on an indefinite hold back in December have revealed that another leading contender [besides Louis Leterrier] on that short list to direct THE AVENGERS film is none other than Joss Whedon."

Whedon, who was previously writing and directing WB's long gestating Wonder Woman film, has a history with the Marvel brand as a comic book writer. His run of the Astonishing X-Men was one of Marvel's best selling lines and was nominated for several Eisner Awards. He was also the second writer on the Runaways line for Marvel and wrote short stories for Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man."

Mmmhmm. If there's one cruel lesson I've learned in being a Joss fanboy it's to never ever ever get one's hopes high until the very very very last moment where the ink is dry and the cameras are turned on and then off and the film's been cut and it's in the theater and I have my soda beside me and the credits have rolled and it's over and I saw it and oh my god it really happened, wow! Only and only then.

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