Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Vision In Nightmare

I re-watched Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street last evening for the umpteenth (that's plenty!) time and felt the need to comment upon a little something I'd not noticed before. (insert credit to the boyfriend here, who's actually the one to notice it)

In the scene at the sleep clinic, where they put Nancy under and we sit along with the doctor and Nancy's amazing mother Marge (Ronee Blakeley), watching Nancy sleep and listening to them discuss what dreams are (answer: Nobody knows!), well I think I've always been too hypnotized by Marge and her custardy wave of hair to look around the scene.

Because if I had been looking around the scene, I
really might've noticed that poster in the background.

Yes, that's a kitten in a Hawaiian shirt riding a
trolley through the streets of San Francisco.

And I think we have a winner for the freakiest image in all of the Nightmare series. A girl being dragged up a wall by an unseen force and vivisected, Johnny Depp being turned into mattress vomit, none of this got nothing on Mr. Cuddles' Silly Streetcar Adventure.


shaun said...

What I love is that, because I was so young when I first saw the movie, I actually thought that Mama Thompson was delivering an awesome performance -- "so bad it's good" acting was not a concept I understood at that time.

Having said that, I wants me a copy of that kick-ass poster!

Adam said...

An amazing sighting!

Maybe this was Craven's way of getting us into the mom's head as well by letting us think we were on a vicious bender, too.

John said...

JA, the first time I saw this movie was in the mid 80's when cable was new to us and the scene where Freddie cuts of his finger and chases Nancy down the back alley...I had to turn it off several times. My boyfriend loves a good comedy and I'm not sure he'd appreciate it. BTW, that's a great banner (proper word I hope).