Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sorry, Wrong Number in 150 Words or Less

Like I admitted yesterday on Twitter, I've gone a bit off the deep end for Barbara Stanwyck lately. It was The Lady Eve that did it - Preston Sturges' sparkling comedy rolling off her half-smirk set my heart afire. Oh I love her! I am so gay for her right now.

Ahem. Anyway Sorry, Wrong Number had its moments - that's a killer ending - and it was great fun seeing her play a irredeemably spoiled and annoying bitch, but it was seriously hampered by a script straight outta the radio-play from which it was adapted. One flashback after another to explain everything that was happening. Talky, talky, talky! Why no showy, showy, showy?

But it did introduce me to John Bromfield, who had a tiny part as a detective, and who I immediately ran to my computer to look up, leading me to find these pictures (he's on the right in all three) (via):

I love the internet.


Andrew K. said...

Sorry Wrong Number is actually my favourite performance of hers, but I suppose it is hampered a little by the script...I suppose.

Simone said...

Men today just don't have the balls to wear real swim trunks like they did back in the day.

Michael Shetina said...

That top photo is positively carnal. Although in the bottom photo, Tab Hunter is a lot sexier.

shaun said...

Ah yes...Mr. Bromfield scampered about in his trunks a good bit in Revenge of the Creature (from the Black Lagoon) -- I think that's the source of the first pic...that's a whole other reason to enjoy those movies -- the first two anyway -- hot boys in real swim trunks and no shirts!

J.D. said...

This is like my least favorite film AND performance of hers. And she's absolutely my favezies, so.