Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Trailer Ho! HO! Ho.


I haven't taken screen-caps from a trailer in quite awhile; everybody else does it, and I am lazy, which are two things that add up to a lot of non-action on my part. But y'all know that my enthusiasm level for Scott Pilgrim is basically on par with an inverted Armageddon, so I had to. Ahhh! Watch it yourselves over here. A world of HELL YES.

Yes yes yes yes yes. Want now, must have now!
There are 141 days til August 13th. Ack!


Hugh Man said...


Joe Reid said...

Ohhhh, nerds.

Anna Kendrick, though. She's funny.

Jason Adams said...

Nerds! Mmm I want some nerds.

I'm actually taking music off of my iPod right now in order to have space to download the trailer onto it and watch it over and over and over again, until my eyeballs turn to dust.

Nate B said...

I was all Anna Kendrick backlashy after Up in the Air. And then she made me laugh in her five seconds of screentime in this trailer.

Also made me think of this -