Monday, March 08, 2010

Micah One Time



I finally got around to watching Paranormal Activity a second time this weekend, and I gotta say, it really retained a lot more of its spookiness than I anticipated it would. It still got my heart racing every time it cut to the night-vision cam at the end of their bed, even though I knew what was coming. The film really is masterfully composed in that sense. That final moment is still cheap and cheesy and sends me outta the movie with a bad taste though.


Joe Reid said...

Wow, really? I thought that final moment paid off the tension way better than the climax to, say, House of the Devil. With Paranormal, I jumped about 8 feet high, and then it was over -- loved that.

Hugh Man said...

would've been fine with the ending if they could have not cg stretched her face. Why do demons have the ability to make your face all fuzzy and photoshopped?

Jason Adams said...

It depends on which part of the final moment we're talking about Joe. I wasn't specific in the post cuz I didn't want to be spoilery but what I'm talking about is what Hugh Man just mentioned, the CG'ing of her face. I love the majority of that final shot until that final final instant. Him flying into the camera = awesome. Her coming up slowly at him, animalistic like = awesome. And then RUINED by that final second of horrible CG. For me, at least. It pisses me off, and was completely unnecessary. She coulda just leapt at the camera and it would've been fine. But no they needed to underline the moment with a giant red marker for the morons, SHE'S A DEMON, PEOPLE! Ugh, annoying.

Joe Reid said...

Ahhhh. You know, maybe my brain blocks that out for me as self-preservation. Because, yeah, I was not wild about that either, but that's not what's in my brain filed under "How Paranormal Activity Ends." Technically, it IS brain damage, but on a par with a night of heavy drinking and nothing I'll miss. Or so I am told.

unclemike said...

I loved PA up until that very very last second. The CGI-ing of her face annoyed the heck out of me. A better ending would have been if she just kept smiling that crazed smile as she slowly reached up and turned off the camera.



Prospero said...

Honestly - I just don't get it. I found the movie boring, at best. And that ending? A cheap Hollywood add-on that surprised no one. I'm really surprised that a sophisticated film-fan like you got fooled by this tripe.