Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jon-Eric Hexum Four Times

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shawnp said...

aww. Voyagers!

Chris said...

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! I remember watching Voyagers as a kid. He was my first TV crush!

John said...

Those gorgeous eyes, that body and that hairy chest, he died so young. I have a TV movie of his on VHS called The Making Of a Male Model, I wonder how it will look transfered to DVD?

Simone said...

What a beautiful man! He should still be alive today. His death was so tragic, but yet so preventable. :(

RDaggle said...

And don't forget his great voice.

There aren't that many hunk actors who sound as hot as they look. He surely did.

Anonymous said...

Bel homme Jon Erik Hexum. :)
Très doux et si désirable, comment est-il possible qu'il nous ait quitté. :(
-Beau Mec à Deauville