Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've Been 12 For A Very Long Time

And so my tumultuous 'tude towards the Let the Right One In remake swings towards agreeable today, with a new interview with the director Matt Reeves over at BD. Again he seems genuine in his desire to tell this story. Whether that actually translates into anything worthwhile or not, we'll see. For now, benefit of the doubt, y'all. At least until the next random thing annoys me.

But it's what comes at the end of the interview that has nothing to do with Let Me In that I feel like quoting. He's asked about Cloverfield 2, and shares this:

"BD: What's going on with Cloverfield 2? Can you tell me anything?

Reeves: (laughs) I really can't. I wish I could but the thing about it is that all three of us are doing different things right now. Drew Goddard just made a movie that's supposed to be fantastic. I know a friend of mine just saw it and said it was great. He made it with Joss Whedon and Richard Jenkins, who is also in our film, is in it and he talked to me about how much he loved making it. Drew actually wrote it with Joss but it's Drew's directorial debut. It's this movie called Cabin In The Woods and it's supposed to be fantastic. They liked it so much that they're converting it to 3-D. So, Drew is busy with that."
They liked it so much they moved it all the way to January 2011, you mean. Christ I'm sick of 3D at this point. And there's no end in sight. Even though Avatar was a blast, this gimmick is being beaten dead. I'm contemplating seeing Clash of the Titans in regular ol' 2D actually. Although the one upside to seeing 3D movies is everyone paid more for their ticket and so they tend to shut the hell up in the theater. I do like that.

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Joshowa said...

Man, I'm with you on the 3D. Over it! Cool for movies like Avatar and Coraline where it's used to bring depth and some artistry, totally unnecessary for conversion pieces like Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans.