Monday, March 15, 2010

It Feels Like Being Tranquilized

I raved about Yeasayer's latest album Odd Blood awhile back on me Twitter, and now that there's finally a video for the peppiest tune off of it (via), called "ONE," I can share the fact that every single time I listen to this song I close my eyes and have visions of my beloved Lisa P from Adventureland. They really should've just saved their money and had Margarita Levieva do her crotch-boob-swirl dance for four minutes. Oh well. This isn't bad, per se. It's no Lisa P. though. (Nothing is.)



downbythewater said...

HAHAHA i can totally see why you would think of her. i caught them in brooklyn a few weeks ago, they kill it live.

Simon said...

You call her Lisa P, I call her that mopey chick from The Invisible.