Thursday, March 04, 2010

Is That An Oscar In Your Pocket...

I attempted to graft an image of Michael Fassbender's naked torso from the film Hunger onto the Oscar statue for the visual accompaniment to this post, but two things impeded me: firstly, the Oscar statue was too fat! Stretching Michael out to fit the statuette's proportions made him look ridiculous. Yes, it's true - Fassy makes an Oscar statue look positively obese. Good grief. And secondly, I stepped back and realized what I was doing, and thus quit. I mean seriously for real good grief. I need to sit myself down and have a talk, with myself.

Anyway! I have a point. My point is this. I am not going to be around tomorrow. And then per the usual I won't be around Saturday or Sunday. So you won't have any more nonsense from me til Monday. Sad face! I know, I know. When it rains, it puddles.

And you know what else? Because of this brief jaunt I'm taking, I'm totally missing the Oscar broadcast this year. Gasp! I don't remember ever missing the Oscars to be honest. I hate what they do a lot of the time, but I always watch. But not this year! Well I probably will watch a recording of them, but not at the earliest until Monday night, and by then all the winners will inevitably be spoiled for me. There's no way I'll make it through all of Monday without having it ruined. That's an impossible internet feat! Well not just internet - the winners will be on the front pages of the newspapers and all over the TV shows in the morning as I get ready... But ya know what? Oh well! Who cares? In the words of somebody somewhere at a karaoke bar right this second, I will survive.



So anyway everybody have a lovely weekend, and if you feel like dumping memorable Oscar junk I need to keep an eye out for when I do get around to watching the ceremony, this would be the place to do it. Cheers, yo!

But to keep us sane in the meantime...

I couldn't bring him up and not have anything to show for it.

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Lucky said...

That reminded me of a How I Met your Mother episode, when they missed the Super Bowl so they were gonna watch a recording of it, and tried everything to make it through the day without knowing who had won.

It saddens me to say that it didn't work for them.
There's always something -or someone - out there waiting to spoil things for the rest.

I wish you better luck though