Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Am Link

--- All About Steve (Rogers) - Confirmation has landed, and Chris Evans has signed on to play Captain America, says this place. No word on what this means with regards to that comedy he was set to film with Anna Faris this Summer. And I feel a little sad for Mike Vogel this morning. But again I must reiterate, Chris Evans in spandex = no reason for frowns, ever. Not allowed! Happy place. Warm, and happy.

--- Devil Cam - My fifth favorite horror movie of 2009 - the spanish first-person zombie sequel [REC]2 - is gonna be released in the US this Summer, apparently. July, they're saying. The first film in this series didn't get released here at all; instead we got the basically shot-for-shot remake, Quarantine. Anyway, as I've stated, [REC]2 is the balls, man. See it. (I guess being "the balls" is good?)

--- A Question - I could look this up, and I will if nobody knows the answer, but I'm feeling lazy right now. In this article at Cinematical on Ewan McGregor's "best role" being his role in Trainspotting, they make mention of a fued between Ewan and director Danny Boyle as the reason they don't work together anymore. Anybody know that story? I hadn't heard it before.

--- Cravin' Wes - Scream 4 is a go with Wes Craven on board, finally, after countless months of bullshit. They start filming sometime this Spring for a release next April.

--- Frances Got Paid - I was a little dizzy and dismayed by the news that Frances McDormand had signed on to play a role in Transformers 3, but you know, what? Good for her. She deserves a pay-check more than any of those shitty actors that get big bucks for this bullshit, and she'll have some fun, no doubt. She's given me so much pleasure in my life I don't begrudge her some easy work for large sums of cash.

--- Dume Ahh - That web series with a consistently shirtless and screwing-himself Enver Gjokaj called "Previously on Point Dume" has started, you can watch the first episode right here! (via)



Anonymous said...

Danny Boyle and Ewan row was about Danny casting Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach instead of him. Ewan was mad he picked Leo who a big star at the time over him. He felt betrayed.

Pax Romano said...

I was going to be all, "not another Scream" - but screw that, I can't wait to see what Wes does with this one! Thanks for the best news of the day.

Dan said...

Movie that may interest you.


Stacie Ponder said...

[REC] did get released here, but way after Quarantine, unfortunately.

Joe Reid said...

I love that "Previously on Point Dume." "Daddy's Little Princess; Mommy's Little Whore" -- love.

Simon said...

I don't know why McGregor is so mad about The Beach (if he is at all). Seems to me, he dodged a bullet. And, besides, it was the studio who cast Leo, before Boyle could do anything about it.