Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Am Link

--- In The Eyre - Michael Fassbender has approximately ten thousand movies lined up, right? This is a glorious age we live in! I can't wait til he's on screen every other minute. Yay! Speaking of, Sin Nombre director Cary Fukunaga's interviewed over here about his adaptation of Jane Eyre, starring Fassbender and Alice in Wonderland's Mia Wtoolazyto- lookupthespelling, and it sounds fantastic already, his plans. Sin Nombre was so, so good. And the cast! Besides Mike and Mia there's Jamie Bell, Judi Dench and Sally Hawkins filling it out. Put this movie in front of me already!

--- Saint Moretz - There's an interview with It-tween Chloe Moretz over here which is mostly about her role in Kick Ass but touches upon some of her thoughts about her role as the vampire girl in Let Me In (the Let the Right One In remake). Choice bit:

"The character of Abby…I mean, usually a lot of movies glamorize being a vampire. It’s pretty, it’s cool, you look awesome! The way we did it was that it’s not cool to be a vampire. It’s a burden that she has to carry with her, not this fun, cool, interesting thing. It’s scary, deep, and dark, this devil inside of her. The vampire is different than Abby. It’s like her alternate personality, and when it takes her over, she has no control."

--- Cotton Free - Who won't be returning to the fourth film in the Scream franchise? Liev Schrieber, that's who! I hope to hear Sarah Michelle Gellar and Timothy Olyphant's opinions on whether there will be room for them to return next, as well.

--- Q2 - The writer of Ghost Ship has been hired to write and direct the sequel to Quarantine. Apparently he wants to set it in an airport, which means it will definitely not have anything to do with the sequel to [REC], which the first Quarantine was a remake of. If that makes sense. Anyway that's fine by me - I loved [REC]2 but I'm curious to see how a series split in two like this could pan out.

--- Coulda Been Me - I am always shushing folks making noise in movie theaters with a furious vengeance, so this tale of a dude who got stabbed in the throat with a fucking meat thermometer for doing just that is hitting home right now. Jinkies!

--- Cyber Law - Jude Law opened up a little bit about his role in Steven Soderbergh's killer-virus thriller Contagion, as well as the plot, via io9. Apparently he's playing some sort of "fear-mongering blogger." Hopefully that means he'll play the part in nothing but an open bathrobe and tattered boxer-shorts, since that's the requisite blogger's uniform.

--- Gold Linger - I still haven't sat and watched the Oscars straight through and the further they get away the less likely it seems. I mean, with Nathaniel's delightful coverage at The Film Experience peeking into every nook and cranny of the broadcast, it feels redundant at this point to actually watch the show.

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