Monday, March 08, 2010

I Am Link

--- A Precious Weinerdog - I noticed this bit from Nat's recap of the Spirit Awards too but wasn't around at the time to post on it, but thankfully Glenn and I were on the same wavelength and he did - Gabby Sibide went out of her way to talk about the influence that Welcome to the Dollhouse had on her? Hells yeah. Love her.

--- Golden Grrrl - I'm directing you to Rich's recap of the Oscars at FourFour just because he tells it like it is, namely this:

"... looking at Vera [Farmiga] during the Best Supporting Actress segment reminded me how much more I liked her in Orphan than in Up in the Air. In fact, I liked Orphan more than just about anything that was nominated. You want balls? That's a movie with balls (not to mention pissed pajamas)."

I so wish we lived in a world where Orphan won trophies.

--- Lady Barbarian - Rachel Nichols, an actress I've expressed a fondness for for years now, landed the love interest role in the Conan the Barbarian remake, opposite Jason Mamoa. I know Miss Nichols to be much more than her enormous breasts, but I think her enormous breasts probably were an aid in her landing this role, where she will probably be wearing some slinky fur outfit. More power to her/them!

--- Two Hot - Over at Club Silencio Adam named his favorite acting performances, male and female, of 2009, and I couldn't agree more with his picks. Obviously, if you've ever been here to MNPP before, you know how deeply I agree with his picks. Yes, squared, times a thousand.

--- And finally, some wonderful person went and collected (almost) all of Hitchock's cameos from his films into one video clip. Hooray for the world wide web!



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gregorybrown said...

Ahh: Nova Pilbeam. A anme and face to conjure with, and so unknown.