Monday, March 01, 2010

I Am Link

--- Cary > Will -- Hey Will Smith, didn't you already mar the name Hitch with your horrible rom-com? Why you gotta go remaking the real Hitch's movies now? Yeah apparently Will Smith thinks he can play a Cary Grant part, and wants to remake Suspicion. Granted, Suspicion's not one of Hitch's top-tier efforts, but it's still very fine. Who's gonna replace Joan Fontaine, Eva Mendes (shudder)?

--- Dogs Delay - The remake of Straw Dogs starring James Marsden and Alexander Skarsgard isn't getting released until September 2011.

--- Big Screen Whedon - I'll leave the cries of, "No, don't work with her again!" to the crueler of y'all out there (that's not to say I don't disagree), but according to Eliza Dushku she and Joss have been talking about doing a movie together.

--- Brit's The Shit - Apparently Spike Jonze is making a television show for British television starring David Cross and Will Arnett called The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. That ought to be right in front of me this instant, I reckon. This instant!

--- Last Ladies - Head over to StinkyLulu for the Supporting Actress Smackdown of 2009's nominated women.

--- Back To Dick - I haven't seen Dick Tracy in many many years but Aaron's write up at Electronic Cerebrectomy of rewatching it brought back a lot of memories. We're the same age pretty much so we remember it pretty much the same way. I remember collecting the McDonalds cups to the movie for all the characters, and trading cards... it was a big deal that Summer.Italic
--- Darren Does Angie - In yet another awesome decision on her part, Angelina Jolie's maybe teaming up with Darren Aronofsky next for a project called Serena, based off a recent book about a lady that drives her husband mad with logging work and then plots to kill his baby-by-another-lady. That sounds delightful.

--- Viper Vamp - BD has got a bunch of images of the creatures in Clash of the Titans, including a pretty nitfy shot-by-shot decontruction of the way Medusa's face transforms in the film. I suppose it's spoilery, if you wanna wait for the movie to see it.


Ilka said...

I was so excited when I read the news about Serena! Angelina Jolie will be so perfect in that role, that woman is a ballbuster (to use a word I don't use very often). Plus the book is superviolent, so I think there are major cinematic opportunities there.

BTW, I remember you laughing when we went to see Hitch in the theater. You will have to bribe me if you want me to keep quiet about it. :)

Jason Adams said...

Ha! I love that you called me on that Hitch thing - as I typed it up I thought to myself, "You know, self, you really didn't hate Hitch all that much. But nobody will know this and I can get away with this lame joke." And here you are, the one person who did know otherwise, foiling my scheme! ;-)

So I should read the Serena book? I'd never even heard of it.

Ilka said...

Yes, just think of me as your conscience! Keepin' tabs!

It's not that great of a book, to be honest, although there were good parts: the ending and the character of Serena. Oh and the setting (logging industry at turn of century--super dangerous!) But no, I probably wouldn't recommend it. Not when I know you probably have tons of books/movies waiting to be read/watched!