Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gratuitous Raoul Bova

I have so very many pictures of Raoul Bova sitting around gathering cyber-dust in my computer, and it's a damn shame, it is. Why a man this gorgeous isn't up in my face every day I can't figure out. Is he a terrible actor? I've gotta confess the only thing I've ever actually seen him act in in Alien Vs. Predator, and I just spent that entire movie pissed off that they'd set it in Antarctica and he was all covered in sweaters and parkas the entire time, so I didn't notice if he was acting at all (although, given my remembrances of that film as a whole, I think it's safe to say he probably wasn't really trying too hard there).

Anyway I don't know what happened to Dare to Love Me, the Alfonse Arau-directed biopic of 1930s tango singer Carlos Gardel that once upon time was set to star Bova and Thomas Kretschmann and therefore blow my eyeballs through the back of my skull. The IMDb page for that film goes nowhere now so I guess it's kaput. The depth of my sadness at that news is vast, so very vast...

But I do see that Bova's got a role in something called Night Train, which sounds promising. Nicolas "Don't Look Now" Roeg is directing (where the hell has he disappeared to anyway?) and it stars my beloved Sigourney Weaver as a "a female Kansas City Police Officer assigned the task of investigating the brutal killing of the daughter of the Chief of Police." Raoul's role is listed as "Trader" which sounds very very important, right?

Oh Raoul. You're killing me! I must insist that you abandon your home country of Italy where you're doing plenty of work and come to America right now for important roles such as "Trader." Do it! Until then I'm just dumping a load (ahem) of photographs of him off here in this post, rather than do nothing with them as I have been. It's up to him to give us more now!

Oh and if you click here you can see all the pictures I've posted of him previously, some of which are among my very favorite pictures ever taken ever in the history of mankind, like this one, or this one, oh my god yes.


Simone said...

What a beautiful man. I enjoyed looking at him in AvP too.

Julia said...

He is one of the main reasons Under the Tuscan Sun is such a guilty pleasure of mine.