Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Morning, World


Hey that movie Possession, with Lee Pace and Sarah Michelle Gellar, finally got dropped unceremoniously onto DVD the other day. Whaddya know. Onto the queue with you, my friend. And here's another pic (had to lighten it up a bunch, it was too dark) to get us through the morning... (pics via)



Michael Seth said...

i saw the movie last week. it's a future camp classic. all i'll spoil is.... wait for the hat SMG is wearing at the end.

zyzzyva said...

I agree -- that hat *is* pretty horrid.

Definitely prefer the 'Alternate Ending' included on the DVD. It leaves the film as an interesting character study than the weird attempt at a horror movie the studio tried to turn it into. I've never seen the Korean movie this is based on, but I hear the alternate ending is more in line with the original one.

I'd suggest stopping the film right as Lee Pace wakes up after the love scene (at the end of chapter 11) and switching straight to the alternate ending. After that, go ahead and watch the ending they officially released. That way you get a better film, then can laugh freely at the mess.