Friday, March 19, 2010

The Final Five

Happy dance, happy dance, everybody do their happy dance! Via BD:

"Buzz is hitting the web from ShoWest where Warner Bros. head Alan Horn revealed that they will be making fifth Final Destination, because "we can’t resist." Opening against Rob Zombie's Halloween II, New Line Cinema's 3D The Final Destination won box office gold taking the #1 spot and has since topped $180m worldwide. No wonder another sequel is planned."

Oh sure, it's so easy to say this series is about the money. But I believe it's about the art! The art of decapitating loud-mouths with flying tires and trisecting coke heads with barbed wire fences and filling a person's face with nails and pulling the heroine foot-first into the gears of a haywire escalator with a gooshy wet sucking sound. Hooray for art!

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