Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Miss Heath


He was gone two years as of this past January 22nd. I just stumbled upon that picture above and the sadness hit me anew. I mean, I didn't know the man, I have no claim on the loss. But he did move me deeply with Ennis Del Mar. I can't watch Brokeback very often - I haven't watched it in well over a year - but it's a performance that's etched inside of my head, and is never gonna let go. I hope you're RIP'ing up a fucking storm, Mr. Ledger.


Movie Maven Gal said...

I had the same feeling last night. I was flipping through movie channels and 10 Things I Hate About You was playing. Besides the fact that his hair is awful in that movie, it was quite the debut.

The scene at the end of Brokeback with the two shirts in the little closet -hits me every time.

Prospero said...

His performance in Brokeback is nothing less than stunning. You see him holding everything in, tightening his jaw for fear that his gayness will come out... It's an amazing performance in a heart-breaking film.

Hugh Man said...

I married Ennis, and so whenever we watch this film (once a year) we get sad and teary, but then it's okay because I'm Jack and two deaths equal one good life.

John said...

Movie Maven Gal, that scene with the 2 shirts is sad and moving.They sold at an auction for a lot of money. I thought is was interesting that Cassanova was released right before BM and went nowhere and BM was a big hit.