Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Almost Forgot Lost Was On Tonight...


... and almost went to see The Wolfman instead of heading straight home and getting myself prepped for wacky Island hijinks. Shame on me! I'm all off routine since I took yesterday off. It feels like Monday. But it ain't Monday! It's Tuesday! And it's time for the third hour of Lost. Unlike knowing that last week's episode was about John Locke beforehand, this week I know absolutely nothing going in. Nothing! I'm blissfully ignorant! Let's keep it that way, eh? You bunch of rotten spoiling bastards. I say that with deepest affection. (No I don't.)

Anyway, sorry Wolfman. You're just gonna have to wait, again. Don't look at me that way, it's unbecoming of a big bad monster like you. What will everyone think? For shame. Pussy.


Prospero said...

You didn't miss much. Watch the Universal original - you'll have a better time.

olins said...

There are some good things in it. Mr. Hopkins CHEWING the scenery, a few visual moments and the always great Hugo Weaving. Sadly however the film is dull and predictable, if you have seen the trailer there is no mystery and no scares. Go see An Education instead or even From Paris With Love, both a better use of your time.