Friday, February 05, 2010

The Golden Trousers '09: An Epilogue

I have nothing at all whatsoever left to say! It's all whatsoever been said! This is the sound of the shovel smacking the dirt flat on 2009's grave. I will now crawl into a hole of my own and drink bourbon through a straw and play Mario Kart for a couple of days to recuperate. Here below are links to all the Pantys that I've handed out over the past five days (click any of the boxes to be routed to that category). I hope y'all enjoyed!



RYAN M said...

Excellent, excellent awards, JA!!
Great choices and loved all your descriptions.
And YAY for me not being the only person in the world that seemed to appreciate Away We Go! Woohoo! *e-high five*

If you'd like to take a look, I put my own personal Top 10 (actually, top 11...) on my own site.

Enjoy! And thanks for a great year of Gold Trousers!

Glenn said...

What's the image you used for the gratuitous banner there? I can't see it when I click through.

Also, well done! It's tough work.

JA said...

Thanks, Ryan!

It's Jason Statham in Crank 2, Glenn. An image I hadn't posted otherwise, too. God he's an incredible sight in that movie. And he's blown away the competition in the poll. He's gotten about 1/5th of the vote! Out of 22 choices!