Monday, February 01, 2010

The Golden Trousers '09: Solondz Exception


In my introduction to this year's Pantys I just mentioned a bunch of movies I couldn't figure out what year they figured into so I decided just to throw them into the dumpster, unloved, forgotten. But there's one more movie that's gotten bogged down in distribution-confusion this year, and I gotta make special mention of it.

I saw it at the New York Film Festival last year, but I'm holding Todd Solondz's Life During Wartime over to 2010 since it's got a real release date pretty much set for this Summer. There will be a couple films coming up in my various awards that like Wartime have only played at festivals or the like - they made the cut and Wartime didn't because I have no idea when they'll ever get a proper release. Wartime's already got this Summer booked. I think you can pretty safely assume it will be a player in my '10 Pantys (see also: Fish Tank)

And also, what I'm saying is this: see it when it's out
this Summer, people! Here's my review from the NYFF.

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