Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And Then The Sky Opened Up...

... and all I could see were stars, giant flaming balls of light, and my head spun around, and it was all so beautiful... You guys! It's entirely possible that the real Beth Grant left a comment here at MNPP this morning. This is the internet so who knows for sure for sure, but on the post I did yesterday morning regarding that amazing Skittles commercial she rocked, this comment was just left (and I hope she doesn't mind me making a big deal outta this, but y'all know me, how could I possibly resist?):

"Beth Grant said...

I love you guys for this!! So glad you liked it. Just had to tell you about the Criminal Minds episode I did with Bud Cort which airs on March 3rd, directed by none other than the wonderful Matthew Gray Gubler. We are serial killers of the Hansel and Gretel ilk. My character is like Marianne Marie Beetle gone bad, very bad. Thanks again for your support. I love taking chances and playing these wild characters but it can be scary!"

We love you taking chances! First off I gotta give credit to my bud Joe at Low Resolution again for turning me on to the commercial in the first place - yes, this is an acceptance speech like I won an Oscar here. But this is better than an Oscar! This is Beth Grant! The woman who fell under the tires in Speed and doubted our devotions to Sparkle Motion! The woman who chased a busty Chenoweth through a cooking competition and stared down the Fatsquatch and got beaten to death by a stick-ruler-wielding Chucky doll!! The woman who has brought the world more joy than it deserves. Leaving a comment here at my lil' nobody no-place. I am struck dumb, frankly.

So... that wonderment aside, let's get down to brass tax - how great does this hour of television sound that she's just sold to us? Beth Grant and Bud Cort playing Hansel & Gretel like serial killers? Cort is of course best known for playing the Harold to Ruth Gordon's Maude. And as possibly-real Beth Grant tells us, the episode is directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, a regular on CM and last seen by me in (500) Days of Summer.

Anyway, Criminal Minds is on CBS on Wednesday nights at 9/8C, and the episode with Beth Grant in it airs on March 3rd. WATCH IT I COMMAND YOU. And now I'm gonna go stick my head in a paper bag for a bit. Dude!


Anonymous said...

she had the cancer.

StinkyLulu said...

I love this. (I also have a bizarrely intense crush on the Gubler.)

Agnes B said...

You, Grubler was a Calvin Klein model. Gratuitous wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more.