Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adam Levine Eight Times


Looking back through all the posts I've done ogling Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine I noticed one thing (well two things, if you count me noticing anew how attractive I find him): that I'm always apologizing for the weight of shame I feel for my crush on him. It's like my crush on John Mayer. Or Brody Jenner. (Christ, uttering that trifecta of names in a row might cause a giant bag of douche to fall out of the heavens and crush me, right? Or perhaps a tower of Entourage DVDs. Same diff.) ANYWAY. I will apologize no more. Adam Levine is hot, dammit! And I knew I'd have to devote a little space to him again when that top picture came to my attention. So dammit I did. Dammit!


Prospero said...

Luckily, hotness and douche-baggery don't always go hand-in-hand. If they did, I'd feel so guilty over my obsession with Jason Statham.

Jon said...

Good to know that you not only do you feel the same way about Adam Levine as I do (he's hot, and I'm rather ashamed to admit it), and that you feel "Entourage" is just a big marathon of douchiness. I'll take Maroon 5 videos (to ogle at Adam Levine) over watching "Entourage" any day of the week.

J.D. said...

SO fucking sexy, ugh.

Anonymous said...

And Adam was VERY funny in that episode of 30 Rock where he pretended to be a Russian (if I recall correctly).