Friday, February 19, 2010

4 Real, Soon

There's a nice little article on Wes Craven at The LA Times from yesterday, and at the end of it we're told this:

"Craven recently finished “My Soul to Take,” which is scheduled for release sometime this year. And in May, he starts on “Scream 4.”

If I'm not mistaken (and I might be - it seems like it's gone back and forth and back and forth), is this the first time we've heard that Craven is definitely for real shooting the movie himself? I swear it was up in the air the last I'd heard. But even if that's not true and he's been firmly attached to direct this entire time, this is definitely the first we've heard of it starting to shoot so soon. Oh I am already nervous. I caught some of Scream 2 on TV recently and it reminded me how nervous the Scream films made me in the theater. I really really really grew to love the characters and if/when they start getting offed... well, it's gonna hurt.

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