Friday, January 15, 2010

The Moment I Fell For... Mikey Fassbender, Pt. 2

"If you offered me a Scotch and plain water,
I could drink Scotch and plain water."

I figured I might as well go and document this, since it's in the air these days - my pretend love affair with Mikey, that is - but then halfway through creating the post I saw that I'd already done it! Jeez, me. As soon as he busted out that George Sanders impersonation - not to mention that impossible silhouette of his in that uniform! - I was toast, though. Toast!

But to add something newish here I went back through my even earlier posts invoking his name (because oldish = newish, you see) and was amused by this, the first thing I ever said about him here at MNPP back in January of 2009 when he was cast in Centurion, Neil Marshall's next movie:

"I had to look up Michael Fassbender, which right off the bat proves that I haven't seen the film Hunger, because supposedly he gives some sort of crazy-ass memorably disturbing performance in it or something that I'd supposedly remember if I had seen it. But I have not. So I don't know him. He was also in 300 and he's in Inglorious Basterds as well... so I guess he's what people call 'an up-and-comer.'

I guess so, me. I guess so. Anyway, I've posted about this exact same Moment twice now, so consider this one an underline. Italics. Bold. So forth. Perhaps an intervention is due, is my point. Don't y'all know a cry for help when you see one?


Joe Reid said...

You know, it's so funny, with your crazed Fassbender thing, and your even-more-crazed defenses of 300, you never seem to talk about Fassbender IN 300. He was the only thing in that movie I liked.

Jason Adams said...

I don't remember him in it! I mean I remember his face, but I don't remember who he was. Was he the one that got his head sliced off? He was the one that leapt really high, right? (I love that these are what pass for the character arcs in that wonderful wonderful movie.)

Anyway, perhaps I will watch 300 tonight on my new fancy HD TV! Good idea, Joe!

Joe Reid said...

I believe his character arc was that he had that Patrick Rafter ponytail thing and was willing to fight in the shade.

Yes. Do that.