Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Am Link

--- Washed The Spidey Out - The big news today is of course Spider-Man 4 getting squashed, Sam Raimi and Tobey and the rest of the gang getting ditched, and the studio deciding to reboot the franchise with younger fresher meat (meat tba). For news on the reboot's script, which is apparently sorta done already, head over to Slash. They're calling it "gritty" and "contemporary" which naturally are things that Spider-Man's always been about (uhhh).

For word on what Raimi might be doing next then, head over to AICN. Here's a hint: it rhymes with Schmar-Schmaft. I wish it rhymed with Schmevil-Schmed Schmour, but alas.

--- Crazy Folk - Over at BD they've got a series of three creepy posters for the remake of Romero's The Crazies. I was hoping that a shirtless Timothy Olyphant would factor in but again, alas.

--- Not Baggins - James McAvoy's really turning out to be a real boner-stomper. He's denying anything to do with The Hobbit again. But you're perfect, James! 4 out of 5 MNPP readers agree! So I demand that you march right into Peter and Guillermo's love-den and cast yourself in the part, with much haste. I mean, have some backbone, man!

--- Horrible Horrible - In a charming interview at PopWrap with Neil Patrick Harris - and is anything ever having to do with NPH anything but charming ever these days? - he admits to be all rarin' to go for a Dr. Horrible sequel. You and the world, Neil.

--- K O - Another day, another kick-ass addition to the cast of Steven Soderbergh's Knockout. Today it's Michael Angarano, whom I have grown quite fond of over the past couple of years. See his romance with darling Olivia Thirlby in Snow Angels and you'll understand.

--- Top Boos - Over at Final Girl Miss Stacie listed her favorite horror films from the 00's. I've seen most and the ones I ain't I will seek out because the ones I have I concur with their inclusion. Right? Right.

--- And finally, there's a chat with the writer/director of the latest episode of Dollhouse, Tim Minear, over at io9 that's worth reading. It's alternately enlightening and infuriating, in equal measure. It's hella spoilery too, so beware if you're not caught up on the show. But good gravy I am curious to see what's coming up in the final two episodes, ain't y'all?

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Anonymous said...

::sigh:: Would that Hollywood had never heard the word "reboot."