Monday, January 04, 2010

I Am Link

There wasn't really that much news that broke over the holidays, thankfully, but I do feel a bit disoriented and behind the curve right about now... with the immediacy of internet living (now now now!) I'll never really catch up but here are a few things worth checking out, anyway.

--- Late Summer Scott - The Playlist has word on Scott Pilgrim's release date in the UK - it's August 27th. So it'll presumably also be released somewhere around there here in the States, since their dates and ours tend to be similar most of the time. Especially for what I assume will be as big a film as Pilgrim will be, maybe, perhaps.

--- Looking Ahead - Eventually I'll get to my Best of 2009 stuff, but I've still got some viewing to do first so it probably won't be for a few weeks. You know, right around the time nobody gives a shit anymore, because looking back is so dead these days. Which is why I link to these two posts at AICN (part one and part two) looking at the movies coming out in 2010.

--- Looking Back - But if you do wanna roll around in not just 2009 but all the Aughts then there's no place better to do so then over at Low Resolution where Joe's been giving the decade the once-over in admirable depth. Movies, Songs, TV, oh my!

--- Haneke Bores - I enjoyed this bit at The Film Experience reporting from the front-lines of the old people on the Upper West Side snoring through Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon. I didn't get around to seeing the film a second time quite yet - here's my review from the NYFF where I saw it in September - but I've been to that theater often enough to understand. Old people are rude!

--- My Fave List - I hope y'all saw Kim Morgan's Top 10 0f 2009 movie list, because it's my favorite list so far. It's not exactly what mine will be, but it's got that spark of individuality that I adore Morgan for. She makes no apologies for loving what she loves and what she loves usually is worthy of loving, according to me. At the end she even gives a hint of love to Orphan! Bless her.

--- And finally, y'all know I woulda taken the time to post this picture of Jamie Bell playing Channing Tatum's slave-boy in Eagle of the Ninth if I'd been around to do so, so here it is via Stale Popcorn:

Hello! I posted about this movie previously, right here.

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J.D. said...

That picture of Jamie is officially the greatest ever taken. Just, siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.