Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy 35, Bradley Cooper


Because of Alias (especially this part) and because of Wet Hot American Summer (especially this part), I can never not like you, Bradley Cooper. Even though... well you're doing your best to turn me off these days, ya are. What happened to the Victor Garber's Bottom Bitch that I came to know and love, hrm? Bring him back, pronto! Zellweger doesn't look good on you, my man.


Joe Reid said...

Could not agree more. Though I also blame the casting rut he's fallen into where Hollywood only sees him playing jerks.

folkinz said...

YES! I was just watching Wet Hot American Summer last night. He's so hot. I posted a little bit about him on my blog last night too, but the pictures you post are always perfect. Thanks.

homeslaughter said...

Closet cases are often jerks, sounds like correct casting to me