Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Morning, World



Pax Romano said...

and thus began my ten year long obsession with JT. But that was a long time ago, most of you kids were not even around the.

Pax Romano said...


Jason Adams said...

He had a good stretch there, to be sure. I was too young at the time, yeah, but I can appreciate it now. Sort of. It's kinda difficult through the monstrous fog of what he's become.

Pax Romano said...

JA, the downfall began with Perfect - sure he looked like a million bucks for that film, but he sort of went into melt down mode shortly thereafter.

If I was going to pick a film that he was actually good in (as in acting) I have to give it to Blow Out. He was really quite good in that one.

RDaggle said...

a must-see movie for gorgeous Travolta would be "Moment By Moment" which is also distinguished for being a monumental trainwreck from extremely talented people.

I think of Mr. Travolta as a good actor in a lot of films though, counting those which are 'only' trying to entertain.