Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Erotic Connection

That phrase is just gross. right? Even when it's describing something I'm keen to see. Which this would fall under. Via EW:

"If you’re one of the (many) True Blood viewers who suspected there might be fallout from Bill “donating” blood to save Sam’s life in the finale last September, go ahead and give yourself a gold star. The show’s boss, Alan Ball, tells me that in season 3, the hunks will forge “not just any connection, an erotic connection.”

See what I mean? Why doesn't he just talk about being "moist" and get it done with? Ugh. Still, this season appears to be shaping us as a queer ol' time, what with Layfayette getting a boyfriend and promises of Eric-on-dude action. Mmm Eric...

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Taffy said...

Now I really can't wait for next season!