Friday, January 22, 2010

Dry Land Is Not A Myth

I have the incredibly exciting job of sitting around and waiting for the cable man to come this morning, so I'm gonna be doing that. It will involve a mixture of me sitting watching Ellen, me sitting playing New Super Mario Brothers, and me maybe getting around to packing* finally. What it will not involve is me posting. Not until this afternoon at least.

And if the cable dude doesn't show up this time - I already wasted an entire day last week for him and he never showed - you'll hear the curse-laced hollering where ever you live, far and wide, no worries. I mean, how do they expect me to live this way, without cable? Am I an animal? If you prick me do I not get reasonably excited?

As for that packing* thing, I'm outta town this weekend and through late Tuesday, so there won't be any posting after today until Wednesday. Just a heads up.

And there's your Me Minutiae for the day. Thrills! Chills!

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