Monday, January 11, 2010

Dirty Dornan

Jamie Dornan's acting resume remains a little on the thin side - a scene in Marie Antoinette! Other junk nobody's seen! - so I feel a little off whenever I do another post on him - I try to stick to actors on my gratuitous beat; if I venture into the world of models I'd slip right off the deep end. But really, whatever. Whatever! Jamie Dornan is too lovely to be ignored. Here are a couple new images of him from his Calvin Klein ads. I tried to edit out as much Eva Mendes as I could, damn her getting in the way (via). I can't wait for these to be my new subway eye-candy soon:


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Lizou said...

Just had to say love the Dornan shots and especially love the Fargo screen shot banner that's up today. I think its the first time I've seen it since I haven't been following you for very long. I started reading because of all the wonderful Joseph Gordon-Levitt news you have posted! I'm so jealous you saw him watching his own but can only imagine how distracting that is.
<3 Lizou