Thursday, January 07, 2010

3 Count 'Em 3 New Pictures Huzzah

Apparently Universal released a buncha pics from their 2010 slate of films last evening, including that kick-ass shot of Michael Cera and a flaming fucking sword that I already posted, and here are three that I found to be of interest. First up, it's another shot from Scott Pilgrim, just a cleaned-up version of one that Edgar Wright Twittered awhile back (via):

Next up we've got the first official image of the main stoner crew - Jim Franco, Zooey, and Big D McBride - rocking out Medieval-style in David Gordon Green's Your Highness (via):

And finally... it's MacGruber (via):

I swear I read somewhere recently that they had early screenings of this film already and that it's actually funny...? Can that be possible? I mean, all hail Kristen Wiig of course, she brings it every goddamned time, and perhaps Ryan Phillippe will show his beautiful and perfect ass for us again (if you know what's good for your career, Ryan, you will bring your beautiful and perfect ass out of retirement!)... so there's that, I guess? Yeah I don't know.

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