Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You Know Who I Just Don't Like?


Walter fucking Pidgeon, that's who. What a ham.
Walter Pidgeon can go fuck himself.


Dame James said...

Another reason to hate him: he has the same number of Oscar nominations as Cary Grant.

dashdog said...

"Hate" is such a strong word, JA! Still, I'm no fan but I just watched this movie a few weeks ago and maybe liked it as much as "Valkyrie." Pidgeon was too much of a fop in this movie but I'll watch any Fritz Lang movie. Have you seen "The Big Heat" recently?

Jason Adams said...

UGH he's awful Dame James, just AWFUL. That just sends it over the edge for me.

But did you like Valkyrie, dashdog? Because I don't know the answer to that question I'm not sure if you're saying you liked it or not. I like Man Hunt quite a bit, and would've liked it a lot more if that HAM hadn't been ANNOYING me every second he was on-screen. I really adored Joan Bennett in it, and George Sanders is always the man. But there was Pidgeon, flailing around, making me just want to punch his face in every time he opened his yap.

I have never seen The Big Heat, dashdog. (the shame)

dashdog said...

Lack of clarity? Apparently, guilty! I meant to say I'm no fan of WP. And, yes, I liked "Valkyrie" quite a bit -- I'll see anything that Bryan Singer directs -- it was anachronistic, nicely old-fashioned and genuinely suspenseful. As for Fritz Lang and MH, yes Joan Bennett was great, even with her super fake Cockney accent! Put "The Big Heat" on your list but, even before that, if you like Fritx Lang, you MUST WATCH "The Testament of Dr. Mabuse," a Criterion release. Put it right in your queue. You will really like it!

Jason Adams said...

I've seen Mabuse, dashdog, and I do indeed like it very very much. I'm adding Big Heat right now. I really do have to see more or Lang's stuff though.

I loved Joan Bennett's horrible accent! Aye, guvna?

CT said...

OMG. I want this to become a regular feature. With the exact same text, just a different name subbed in.

Made me laugh so hard.