Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There's A Party In Kellan's Drawers And Everyone Is Invited

I don't really know what to add to this beyond what you'd expect, so fill in the blanks yourselves. You could sum up the reaction this news brought me pretty efficiently just with one of those cartoon B-B-BOING sounds. That's what it sounds like inside my brain half the time anyway. Via here:

Kellan Lutz has been hired to fill some very big underwear at Calvin Klein.

Fox411.com has learned exclusively that the "New Moon" hunk has been signed to a modeling contract with the fashion giant, and will be featured in a very familiar ad campaign.

"He’s going to be their new Mark Wahlberg," the insider told Fox411.com. "Kellan has been signed to Calvin Klein for a huge campaign that will feature him in his skivvies all over billboards and in magazines."

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