Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Quote of the Day

Sigourney Weaver's seen Avatar and has this to say:

""It will pick you up and shake you like a rag doll." She continued, "I'm not too much of an emotional creature, but I was weeping by the end."

Now I'm not so fascinated by her actual opinion on the movie - she's a dutiful actress, promoting her project after all - but what I love about this quote is her nonchalant admittance of not being "too much of an emotional creature." I mean... duh. That's why I adore you, Sigourney! Or ya know, one of the reasons. It's just how nonchalantly she admits to the fact. She's an actress! An actress, admitting she's not very emotional! Bless her strong, cold bones. She rules.


Mike z said...

I go back and forth over whether or not I want to see this movie hour-by-hour.

Jason Adams said...

Well it's too late for me, I bought my tickets last week. I'm def. iffy on what I'm expecting, but I think, if Cameron can overcome the initial big hurdle of making us believe in this world, which the short trailers haven't been able to do, then it could be something special. He's never let me down before. We'll see.