Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Quote of the Day

I've been acting batty over at Twitter for the past couple of hours (I am so, so bored right now), but just now, mid-tweet frenzy, an actual tidbit o' news popped up via Lost's head-fella Carlton Cuse! My time a'wastin's come to something! Says the Cuse:

"Shot a piece for LOST here on the lot today. Only the 5th time in 111 hours we've shot outside Hawaii. (But this piece could be "island".)"

What does that mean? This piece could be called "the island"? There are pieces of "the island" not on the island? I immediately think of that magical rock where Rose and Bernard went to visit, or whatever. I can't really remember. I'm no Doc Jensen (who is, by the way, back to Lost blogging these days). But curious, anyway.

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