Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prince of My Pants


Last night I managed to take some slightly better quality screencaps of my own from that Prince of Persia behind-the-scenes video I posted about yesterday where Jake briefly romps around half-naked, and then I notice this morning that IHJM did the same thing. So these are a mix of mine and theirs. It gets a little redundant but if you know where you are, the address your computer has landed upon, then you'll understand there's no such word where Jake is involved here.



J.D. said...

Goddamnnnnnnnnnnnn UGH.

I am so one-note.

Val said...

And here's a Merry Christmas for you:

Please only use your powers for good.

Jason Adams said...

If "good" involves excessive stalking and sack-throwing, then we're "good" to go, Val! ;-)

Hugh Man said...

Yay! In related news Hugh Jackman has reportedly divorced his wife and kidnapped Jake. Perhaps I'll be photoshopping these pics with Hugh's recent workout in my spare time. p.s. does that not sound like a great movie a la misery with a happy ending? I call it Stockholm.

Joe Reid said...

"Sack-throwing" sounds like something that may have transpired during the breakup argument, actually.