Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Josh Hartnett Eight Times (Then More!)


Josh Hartnett floated through my mind semi-randomly the other day and I wondered where the hell he'd gotten himself to. I mean, sure, he's not exactly rewriting the guide to screen-acting or anything, but the man is gorgeous, and there are plenty of oft-working actors and actresses skating by on that claim alone, getting up in my business, and I'd like him to be one of those getting up in my business. Yes, please. So I went and looked him up and stumbled upon these pics below from some movie he did in 2008 apparently called I Come with the Rain (nothing suggestive there) in which, if the stills and screen-caps are to be believed, he spends 95% of his time half-naked. Seems promising to me. Onto the queue it goes!



Hugh Man said...

0 say what?? I must also queue sp? w/out that stupid thing on his chin I'd expect these pics were from butt magazine!

Staying Alive said...

I Come With The Rain is a movie that has something different to offer & boy! Josh does look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I followed Josh around the Garage Flea Market for a few minutes a couple of years ago. He was with an older woman (somewhere in my memory I had read he was linked with an older woman) and a small child. They were enjoying an easy Sunday and no one bothered him or admitted that they recognised him. He seemed attentive in a laconic personable way, and the really nice guy........from a discreet distance of course.