Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Am A Woody Watcher

What we seem to be experiencing is a Woody renaissance. Harrelson here, Harrelson there, a lil' bit o' Harrelson everywhere. It's not that he ever exactly disappeared from the scene, of course. He's been acting steadily forever and a day now (the inception of time being measured by seasons of Cheers, naturally). But doesn't it seem like ever since his little role in No Country For Old Men he's been of a fairly higher profile than before that? This year alone he mashed zombie brains in Zombieland, played yippie-ki-yay-motherfucker with a wall of fire in 2012, and now here he is worming his way into serious Oscar season with some good notices for The Messenger opposite Ben Foster and Samantha Morton.

Oh Woody! You scamp. I made mention of the crush I had on him way back in the day in this post where I contemplated my desire to see Zombieland (which I eventually did see, and kinda enjoyed); what I didn't mention was how difficult it was to find the picture of Woody that accompanied the post (seen there to the left) where he was in the apotheosis of his goofy-cute hotness, that being the shit-fest that is Indecent Proposal.

God Indecent Proposal sucks. But I have fairly profound memories of going to the theater to see it at least twice, maybe three times, back in '93 because of all the Woody on display. Woody the man, and well, Woody the Junior, sorta. Skimming through the movie now I see that there are several practically, uh, Indecent shots of Demi Moore rubbing all up on Woody's underwear-clad crotch in close-up. Good grief no wonder I saw this movie so many times. I actually thought that, upon revisiting it now after not having seen it in 15 years, I'd find it much tamer than I remembered it. These things usually turn out like that. But no, this movie's pretty damned raunchy. And so, my gift unto the internet which is wanting in this respect: the wonder of Woody in his Indecent prime. Oh and beware - this gets pretty lurid in places, I tried to edit the shots to keep it from being too explicit, and some of Demi's girly bits show up here and there, she was always throwin' 'em all over the place and in my way. I know they cost a lotta money but seriously, back it off, lady. Take 'em off the glass.


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ak said...

Actually I quite enjoyed Indecent Proposal. I thought it would be a Basic Instinct type shit show and mostly it was, but it also brought up some intriguing points. My full thoughts here: