Monday, December 21, 2009

The Greatest Movie...

... about baby-napping cheerleader-defacing virgin-stabbing demon nuns that are fought off every five years by a whiskey-voiced Harley-momma Adrienne Barbeau, snarling one-liners off with her usual husky bombast?

The Convent (2000)

Lord Almighty what does one say about this flick? It's both a travesty and a delight all at once. How can something so completely awful have so much that's simultaneously wonderful? It's the cinematic equivalent of a violent whiplash that gives you schizophrenia and puts you in a coma at the same time, so you duke it out with your newly hatched personalities inside a bunch of nonsensical nightmares. It is pleasure, and pain.

Naturally, I came upon a recommendation via Final Girl. Who else would deliver me unto such wonders? Go read Stacie's review for more. Oh bliss. Horrible, horrible bliss.

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Branden said...

I heard about "The Covenant" from the /Filmcast. I saw it and it was atrocious but strangely homo-erotic.

It's good for that bathroom sequence. Everything else is shit.