Monday, November 16, 2009

Riddle Me This, Movie-Lovers:

... how distracting would you find it if you were sitting in a movie theater about to watch a movie and the star of the movie that you're sitting there to watch suddenly came in and plunked down in the chair right across the aisle from you and watched the entire film that way, two feet away, practically between you and the screen due to the way the seats are angled, so that it's so very easy to just stare at the star in the audience while he's watching himself on the screen, so much so that nobody could even notice that this is what you're staring at, instead of the film?

Would you find this distracting?

Because I sure as fuck did when I went and saw Uncertainty this weekend and Joseph Gordon Levitt did just this.


Yes, Joe was right there, an arm's length away, snickering at himself on-screen, generally being adorable and making me feel like a giant fat person beside his perfectly sized tiny-man self. Damn you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Making my viewing experience so fractured. It was so meta - it was too fascinating, watching him react to himself on-screen. Would he get red-cheeked and hide his eyes during the sex scene? (Answer: decidedly no.)

Anyway I guess I liked the movie, even though I could hardly pay attention. JGL was great (seriously, when isn't he fucking great though?) and had terrific chemistry with his co-star Lynn Collins (I knew I knew her from something but had to look her up; she was in Wolverine - didn't see it - as well as True Blood - yes! - and Bug - double yes!) but the film was kinda tonally abrupt and scattered... which was sort of written into its DNA due to its halved structure but it coulda been managed a little better. But if you worship at the JGL altar then you'll enjoy him here. I do believe the film's playing on IFC On Demand already. I mean... you could print out a picture of him and put it in the chair next to you and maybe that'll be almost like my experience...

Next stop for JGL: SNL this weekend!

Honestly my expectations for him as an SNL host are sky-high - this dude has buckets of charisma just dying to spill forth. He will rock our faces off, have faith. Have faith!

In summation, here are some pictures of him
from the new issue of GQ (via).



Movie Maven Gal said...

I would have found it extremely distracting! Wow, what an experience. Too bad the movie wasn't that great.

Julia said...

Well, I would have definitely been distracted, as I would have been plotting how to kidnap JGL from the theater the entire time. Or I would have been distracted thinking of all the brilliant questions I would ask him after the movie was finished. Or I would been distracted by inching closer and closer to him until I was sitting on his lap. The point is...the movie would have basically been background noise.

RJ said...

I always love everything he is wearing ...

"Well, I would have definitely been distracted, as I would have been plotting how to kidnap JGL from the theater the entire time."

I got a few ideas. Julia, you and I will figure it out.

sparky2379 said...

I wouldn't have been able to watch the movie. Also re: the gq photos: he needs some form of facial hair, even scruff will do. Those pictures aren't my favorite.

jason said...

Distracted? Are you kidding? I'd have forgotten about the movie altogether!
I wouldn't have even gotten up to pee in the last hour, like I always do.

olins said...

Watching Joseph Gordon Levitt breath would be like hearing James Earl Jones read the phone book, intrinsically boring and endlessly fascinating.

Julia said...

Awesome, RJ, I like the way you think. ;)