Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Really Digging V...


... is anybody else?

First off, I haven't watched last night's episode so nobody ruin it for me! I am holding off since lord knows when we're getting the next episode. I wonder if ABC realized what a predicament they've put themselves in now that they shut down production on the show and it's turned out to be a hit. Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens in Spring or whenever the hell it returns.

But for now, I am digging the show. The teen romance is blah but its cross-species counterpart in the original series was too from what I remember. And I just enjoy watching Elizabeth Mitchell cup her mug in that very specific Mitchell-ian mug-cupping way, and Alan Tudyk running around being his sexy lipless albino self, and can I hear a holla of agreement that Morena Baccarin is rocking this show like nobody's business? Love her every second of lizard-necked screentime. Can't wait to watch her deep-throat that gnarly rodent! No, not Scott Wolf.



Stacie Ponder said...

My roomie and I saved up 3 episodes and watched 'em all last night...I'm loving this show!

I commented how perfect Morena Baccarin is in this- she's crazy beautiful but in such a weird way...that neck! She should play only aliens and elves from now on.

Every time Tory gets a little screen time, though...I mean, good for her but it makes my nerd heart cry for missing BSG.

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking in your plaid pants for a couple months now and knew at some point I'd have to stand up and be counted. Always thought it'd be for a fanboy delusion or a today's mood. (Why didn't I comment on the Warhol clip?!?)

But turns out, no, it's for V. Go figure.

So three cheers: one for the neck, one for the lipless, shirtless albino, and one for thee, plaid-pant man.


Unknown said...

I love how every Joss Whedon alum is a V. I think this should be a requirement if we ever see any other folks from one of his shows in the cast.

Jason Adams said...

Stacie, I can't believe I forgot to give Tory a shout out! Shame on me. But yeah, every time I see her all I see is her punching Cally down that tunnel. Over and over again.

I'm glad I finally drew ya out there, chuglyunkie. Even the least vociferous amongst us are always welcomed into my Pants! ;-)

Evan don't even get me started on actors I want to show up on V and play evil aliens from Whedon shows; I could go on and on all day long. But then I jus want Whedon's stable ofactors to take over every show on TV... and ya know, they're not doing to shabby in that respect.

Friend Mouse said...

I think Morena really must be an alien - too otherworldly beautiful to be an actual human. I'm liking V way more than I thought I would, in large part because Eliz. Mitchell actually makes some facial expressions in this show.

Anonymous said...

I am slowly working on a series of blogs comparing the original and the new version. What surprised me is that, initially the first episode felt a little fast, the original mini managed to establish a large cast in the same amount of time. But I feel the following episodes really made up for it. I prefer Morena to Jane Badler, she is so much more ethereal and seductive. You want to believe she is generous and benevolent, in spite of any evidence to the contrary. I recall people arguing about the lizard skin reveal in the first episode...but the original mini gave us full on lizard face in the first hour or so. We've actually only seen hints of the true Visitor visage in the new series...I love that. I really like the series, my only real gripe? March? What the hell?