Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'll Take Two Hours Of That Right Now, Please


Whoo doggy, the trailer for the Clash of the Titans remake showed up last evening apparently but I'm just laying mine eyes upon it now and it's giving me major morning wood. "Titans... Will... Clash!" is some cheesy ass shit and I couldn't be more pleased to see it. Bring on the cheese! There's this moment when the giant scorpion's stinger smacks down double-time to the beat of the cheesy rock music and my heart did a flip. Whee!

So go watch it and report back. Go watch Liam Neeson slam his fist! Go watch Medusa's up-do snarl! And most importantly of all, go watch Sam Worthington swirl in a barely-there skirt! I can already tell that I am going to be so distracted this entire film trying to look up that thing while he runs around. I mean, see?

Anyway, on that note, here are some screen-grabs I grabbed.

As I said last week when those low-quality scans of the posters showed up, I've gotten really crazy excited for this movie. I just hope above all else that it remembers to be fun. All these summer action movies as of late have gotten so dour and serious and depressing. This trailer gives me hope for this movie, at least.


Joe Reid said...

Wow. WOW. Um...? Huh.

"Enthusiastically terrible" is what immediately sprang to mind.

MinDC said...
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MinDC said...

"Avatar" will bring Sam more recognition but "COTT" will make him a STAR.

Prospero said...

I just can't get behind a movie that has ancient Greeks saying things like "gonna."