Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Am Link

--- Speak of the Devil - Joe watched Ti West's terrific House of the Devil this past weekend after which he and I chatted about the film via email, a conversation which he then went and posted at Low Resolution. I really wish the film would come out on DVD already; I'm dying to watch it again but too cheap to pay for a second renting On Demand.

--- Dancing Ladies - Meanwhile Nat got to see Rob Marshall's Nine last night and the entire cast was there (save Miss Loren) and somehow Nat did not spontaneously combust. I don't get it. Anyway he can't say anything yet but hints that he liked. I gotta admit I might get suckered into seeing this musical... the especially Fellini-esque moments in the trailer make my heart burst, and DDL's tapping around gives me the goosebumps. Plus my beloved Marion!

--- Right Light - Over at FXRant they've posted the first in a pair of posts dissecting the phenomenal cinematography of Let the Right One In. I once posted a bunch of grabs from the film in a wordless appreciation of the same. So effin' beautiful.

--- Two In The Double-Oh's - Over at Club Silencio Adam's looking at two of his (and mine) favorite flicks from the decade that's about to be was instead of is. Both of these flicks would make my list is I ever get around to even starting to think about such things (that's my way of admitting I won't look at this decade until this year's well over, by the way).

--- Big Red - This is one of the gayest (non-pornographic sort) posts that I have ever read and/or contemplated and I say that with awe and complete affection (and perhaps even something approaching agreement!) - at Stale Popcorn Glenn's arguing that Bring It On is the greatest sports film ever made. Take that, Rocky, you little pansy! You ain't got nothing on T-T-T-Torrance!

--- And finally, here's an interview in two parts with Richard Kelly via First Showing. I haven't watched them yet, but I can already tell he looks good sitting there in his T-shirt with his nice big arms crossed and that will be enough. Plenty, even! The second one has spoilers for The Box apparently so beware.


Richard Kelly Interview on The Box: Part 1from FirstShowing.net on Vimeo.

Richard Kelly Interview on The Box: Part 2 from FirstShowing.net on Vimeo.


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Glenn Dunks said...

Haha... thanks! I think. I didn't intend it to be one of the gayest things you've ever read, but now that I think about it you're probably right. No straight man would ever even consider writing that!