Monday, November 23, 2009

A Henry Cavill Tidbit


Along with Michael Fassbender and Sam Worthington, I do believe Henry Cavill might take the Holy Spirit spot in my holy trinity of new-favorite-hot-pieces that I will post any and all news on. Case in point! Awhile back - right at the same time that we heard Sam Worthington was taking on Clash of the Titans actually, and since that film's finished filming and already released its first trailer I think that proves this news here today's slowness in arriving - we heard that Cavill was gonna star in an epic Myth film of his own, to be directed by Tarsem, director of The Cell and The Fall. Now comes this little blurb via Production Weekly's Twitter:

"Tarsem's mythological tale "Dawn Of War" (aka “War Of Gods”) has setup offices at La Cité du Cinéma in Montreal, a March start is planned."

So it's still happening. The Fall took years and years to get around to being finished and released so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by this one's slow start. And that film's lingered in my mind all year much as The Cell did, at least visually I mean for both - his images tend to imprint themselves on your brain. So if nothing else expect some wild and crazy visuals and costumes, and Henry Cavill to look positively stunning. As if he could look anything but.

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Anonymous said...

Lee Pace looked ridiculously sexy in The Fall.


How bout a Lee Pace post?