Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 45, Garrett Dillahunt


I'd say that it's pretty effed up that it took your role as a raping, murdering psychopath in the Last House remake to make me fully appreciate your offbeat attractiveness, but then I wouldn't be acknowledging all the other psychopaths I've found myself attracted to in the past, and that would be a silly bout of hypocrisy on my part. Silly! So anyway, happy birthday you sexy creep!



Anonymous said...

I have been a long time fan of this man since I first encountered him as a psychopath in if I remember correctly the second season of Deadwood. I'm told by someone who has worked with him that he is a very very nice man but his villainous turn in The Road is one of the most chilling things I've ever seen even if very brief. Thanks for showcasing him.

Jason Adams said...

Deadwood's on my pile of must-get-around-to's but I haven't watched it yet. Dillahunt and Timothy Olyphant and Kristen Bell, oh my! And I can't wait to see The Road.

Bea said...

Garret Dillahunt plays quite the excellent psycho/sleazebag! In fact, he was so awesome, they cast him twice on "Deadwood" and he was crazy in completely different ways in each role.

LOVE that guy. I always get a thrill when I see his name in the opening credits of a movie or tv show because I know I'm in for at least one awesome performance.