Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gratuitous Alex Pettyfer


Oh goodness it has come to this. I'm posting gratuitous posts of someone who was born in the 90s. I mean yes I've crossed that bridge briefly here and there with Taylor Lautner and Nick Hoult was born in December of '89 so he hardly skirts this and he got a big one of these posts as well... well no offense to Mr. Pettyfer - obviously, since I'm posting this - but after going through all these pictures I'm about to post and all these twinks lately I think I'm a little twinked out. Too many boys lately! Need some men up in here! Anyway. Alex Pettyfer. Was the lead in that Stormbreaker movie I don't think anyone saw and is next in Beastly, a Beauty and the Beast revamp coming soon that promises to be all about him strutting around without his shirt on, apparently. Well he's worth looking at in that state. It was that pic at the top that got me looking, and from there, me meet rabbit hole, fall down it. Your turn.



J.D. said...

God he's gorgeous.

Glenn Dunks said...

See, here's my thing with celebrity. In real life I'd think he was hot and wanna jump his bones, but as a celebrity I find him boring.

Anonymous said...

He' OK if you like that sort of thing. (OK, for reals, I've practically devoted my life to finding new pictures of him!)

RJ said...

God bless Kai Z Feng. How else would we get hot photos of jail bait?