Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grace Kelly...


... would have turned 80 today.


Pax Romano said...

When my dad was a teen, he was down in Atlantic City with some friends of his. This would have been the mid 1950's. Anyway, according to my father, he was standing on the boardwalk waiting on a friend who gone into a store to get something when this absolutely gorgeous woman came strolling by - he did a double take, it was Grace Kelly. Dad claims he was dumbstruck, and Grace smiled at him and said, "Good afternoon". He claims that he stood there for a few minutes as she walked on, transfixed at how stunning she was.

To this day, when my Father tells this story, his face lights up, and he smiles this huge grin.

Jason Adams said...

That's such an awesome story, Pax. I know exactly how your father feels, I'd be the same way if it'd happened to me. Wow.