Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blessed Be Chris Evans Bare Chest

I missed this when I went through all the new images Collider posted today, but thankfully Jarett took note over at PopWrap - it's a fuzzy picture of the poster for Satisfaction, that "Chris Evans plays a man-whore opposite Sharon Stone and Carice Van Houten" movie that I breathlessly blogged about way back when.

And he's bringing the chest out of retirement.
Finally. After a drought of far too long. Yay!

Yay for the skin and yay for an actor realizing his place.
Don't you go gettin' any hifalutin' notions again, Evans, ya hear?


Anonymous said...

I can't tell from the pic, but please tell me he did not shave his chest again. Nooooo!

Anonymous said...

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