Thursday, October 01, 2009

Welcome To Port Charles, James Franco


I don't watch General Hospital, although it was always on TV when I got home from school back in the day since my mother was an avid viewer. So I do have some awareness of the show, and the most exciting this about the show to me always was the fact that Port Charles, the fictional city where the show is set, is supposed to be right in the area where I was growing up, outside of Rochester, New York. In fact when Luke and Laura returned to the show back in the mid-90s they actually shot scenes related to this (they'd moved to a small town and were working at a diner therein) in my hometown, which was a big to-do in my high school, bunches of kids skipped to watch the filming.

ANYWAY, all I'm saying is this renders me much more qualified than most to offer up the key to Port Charles to James Franco, who is apparently and oddly joining the cast of the show for a two-month guest stint. And by "offer up the key" you need to insert any and all forms of sexual innuendos and euphemisms into my meaning there because I MEAN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM BY IT.



Taffy said...

Wait! WHAT?

Ms Scrappy said...

Did he lose a bet? Owe someone a huge favour? Did someone double no...triple dog dare him?? This will be the first time I'll watch that show since Liz Taylor was on.